Our Mission

The Longevity Forum is a not-for-profit initiative committed to achieving longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives for as many people as possible. We believe that, if managed correctly, increased longevity presents a wonderful human opportunity. Unlocking the longevity dividend will require multi-disciplinary collaboration and a radical rethink of how we approach all of life and not just the end of life.




We engage all stakeholders with the power to influence change – key opinion leaders from the worlds of policy,  business, science, academia and civil society – and provide them with a platform for debate and action.


To benefit from increased longevity, we advocate change  from an early state stage of life. Our focus on the whole of lifespan is complementary to many valuable existing initiatives which focus on ageing and end of life.


We are collaborative rather than exclusive in our approach. We want to break the siloes which have characterised the longevity debate to date and promote a multi-disciplinary approach across science and society.


A step change in life expectancy, which is already underway and is being driven by both scientific and technological progress, will have vast implications for individuals, governments and society as a whole. To ensure that increases in longevity benefit all of society, a true public and private partnership is required to drive change and create solutions needed to equip us for this new reality.

Life Expectancy of UK Girl Born in 2014

Projected centenrians worldwide by 2050

Months per year in lifespan increase since 1840

“There are few issues more important than the challenges facing individuals and society as we age and this conference  tackled the issue in a very lively and stimulating way.”

David Willetts

Executive Chair, Resolution Foundation

“I learned more from the sessions than at any conference I have attended in the past few years.”

Andy Haldane

Chief Economist, Bank of England

“An enjoyable way to discuss one of the greatest challenges of our time, with some of the best brains.”

Camilla Cavendish

Contributing Editor, Financial Times; author "Extra Time: Ten Lessons for an Ageing World"

This is an ideal vehicle for researchers, practitioners and investors to hear of the latest concepts in aging research. The presentations were not only relevant but thought provoking and the networking event a terrific way to meet like minded individuals.”

Declan Doogan

Chairman & Director, Biohaven