The Longevity Forum
Oman 2020

Unfortunately, The Longevity Forum Oman has been postponed.
We will update the webpage with further information in due course.

The Longevity Forum has partnered with IDO Investments to bring leaders in the longevity field from around the world to present recent breakthroughs and discuss the science, social impact and economics of an ageing population. The Oman Forum is expecting to host lively discussions of the ever-expanding boundaries of science and technology; the economic opportunities presented by longevity and the implications for governments and individuals; the policy agenda supporting our educational, healthcare and social care systems to ensure that they are fit for the future. 

The Longevity Forum is an important platform for dialogue between all the different stakeholders – government, businesses and the scientific community – around the impact of longer lives on society. While many initiatives in this space focus on tackling end of life issues, we believe that to reap the longevity dividends, awareness and change needs to start from early life and through each stage of life. Oman, which has seen strong population growth in recent years and in their efforts to create a regional hub for longevity, is the ideal place for the first Longevity Forum outside London.

The Longevity Forum Oman will take place on the 10th February 2020 in Muscat and is by invitation only.

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Welcome Note



The coming ageing revolution

• Dr. Eric Verdin, President & CEO, The Buck Institute


How to Die Young at a Very Old Age

• Nir Barzilai, Founder Institute for Aging Research


Longevity, AI & Beautiful Skin

• Denis Voloshka, Head of Product, Haut.AI



Implications for Biotechnology and the Future of Healthcare

• Michael West, CEO AgeX Therapeutics


100-year life

• Andrew Scott, Professor of Economics at London Business School and Co-Founder of ‘The Longevity Forum’


Age Forward Cities for 2030

• Nora Super, Senior Director, Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging


Precision Medicine & Healthy Aging in the Arab Region

• Dr. Fahad Al Zadjali, Professor of Clinical Biochemistry, SQU


The Global Impact of Longevity

Panel Discussion:
• Deena Al Asfoor, Expert in Public Health, Ministry of Health Oman
• Dr. Khalid Al Rasadi, Associate Professor Clinical Biochemistry, SQU
• Prof. Richard Siow, Director, Ageing Research At King’s College London
• Dr. Fahad Al Zadjali, Assistant Professor Clinical Biochemistry, SQU

Moderated by Prof. Brian Kennedy, Director of National University Health System (NUHS) Centre for Healthy Ageing, Singapore.



The Economic Impact of Longevity

Panel Discussion:
• HH Dr Adham al Said, Assistant Professor of Economics, SQU
• Malak Shaibani, DG Media & Marketing, Madayn
• Yvonne Sonsino, Partner, Mercer

Moderated by Eric Kihlstrom, Strategic Director, Age Analytics Agency


The investment landscape in Longevity

• David Gobel, Founder & CEO, Methuselah Fund


The Future of Longevity Research

• Jim Mellon, Chairman, Juvenescence Ltd.
• Aubrey De Grey, Chief Science Officer, SENS Research Foundation




Deena Al Asfoor

Expert in Public Health, Ministry of Health Oman

Dr. Nir Barzilai

Chaired Professor of Medicine and Genetics, & Director of the Institute For Ageing

Dr. Aubrey de Grey

biomedical gerontologist, VP of New Technology Discovery at AgeX Therapeutics

David Gobel

Founder & CEO, Methuselah Fund

Eric Kihlstrom

Strategic Director, Ageing Analytics Agency

Jim Mellon

Chairman, Juvenescence Ltd & Co-Founder, The Longevity Forum

Dr. Khalid Al Rasadi

Director, Medical Research Center, Sultan Qaboos University

HH Dr Adham Al Said,

Assistant Professor Of Economics, Sultan Qaboos University

Prof. Andrew Scott

Professor of Economics, London Business School & Co-Founder, The Longevity Forum

Malak Shaibani

Director General, Media & Marketing, Madayn

Prof. Richard Siow

Director, Ageing Research At King’s College London

Yvonne Sonsino

Innovation Leader, Mercer

Nora Super

Senior Director, Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging

Eric Verdin

President and CEO, The Buck Institute for Research on Ageing

Denis Voloshko

Head of Product, Haut.AI

Michael D West

CEO, AgeX Therapeutics

Dr. Fahad Al Zadjali

Assistant Professor Clinical Biochemistry, Sultan Qaboos University

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