The Longevity Forum 2018  Programme 

We believe that increased longevity presents the biggest opportunity of the 21st century which will require thoughtful but rapid response to ensure that we as a society can reap the dividends arising from longevity. With every country in the world experiencing an ageing population the individuals, companies and countries which best adapt will seize a substantial competitive advantage. We believe that the United Kingdom could have a significant global advantage in this area due to the unique convergence of skills in the areas of science, technology and finance.

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How to Live Forever
Marc Freedman, Encore

The New Map of Life
Laura Carstensen, Stanford Center on Longevity

Jim Mellon, Juvenescence Limited and The Longevity Forum

The Age of Ageing Research is Now
Eric Verdin, Buck Institute

Mike West, AgeX Therapeutics
A Unified Theory of Ageing: Biotechnology and Future Healthcare

The 100 Year Life
Andrew Scott, London Business School and The Longevity Forum