The Longevity Forum Initiatives

The Longevity Forum aims to explore and establish new ways of addressing opportunities/issues related to longevity by displaying proof of concept. Our aim is to contribute to the creation of ideas and solutions and pilot implementation. Once a scheme has proved to be workable, our intention is to find the most suitable partners in government, business, science and education to take those ideas forward.

Tackling Scleroderma

The Longevity Forum is working to research a possible cure for Scleroderma.

Launching Encore Fellows in the UK

As life lengthens our careers will elongate and this will involve multiple transitions.

MidLife/MidCareer Course at City Lit

Inspired by The 100 Year Life, The Longevity Forum will work with City Lit to develop an accessible mid life/mid career course.

The Global Agenda

If we can adjust our life course to ensure that we stay healthy and productive for longer it can support a more productive economy and help mitigate the economic costs of an ageing society.