Student Lecture by Steve Horvath, Altos Labs

Hosted by The Longevity Forum
Wednesday 15 November
In-Person: 17:15 - 18:30
East Wing, Oxford Examination Schools

Join us for a student focused lecture by Steve Horvath, Principal Investigator of Altos Labs. Dr Horvath will share his invaluable insights on epigenetic ageing clocks, a revolutionary field that holds great promise for unlocking the secrets of ageing and rejuvenation in mammals. His expertise and discoveries have garnered worldwide recognition, making this event an absolute must-attend for anyone interested in the future of regenerative medicine and longevity enhancement.

Join us as we explore the latest breakthroughs, discuss potential rejuvenation strategies, and unravel the mysteries of ageing.

*Open to public & no fee

Dr Steve Horvath is a Principal Investigator at Altos Labs. Prior to joining Altos, he was a Professor of Human Genetics and Biostatistics at the University of California, Los Angeles. HIs research lies at the intersection of several fields including biogerontology, anti-aging clinical trials, epigenetic biomarkers of aging, epidemiology, systems biology, and comparative biology. Dr Horvath and his UCLA colleagues published the first epigenetic clock for saliva in 2011, the first pan-tissue clock (2013), and the first pan mammalian clock (2021). He is also known for developing weighted correlation network analysis (WGCNA), a widely used data mining method used in genomic applications. The recipient of several awards, Dr Horvath has been on Clarivate's annual list of the world's most influential scientific research every year since 2018.